The Tanning Shop – Putting the most advanced tanning technology on your doorstep

All The Tanning Shop branches feature the latest equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers including Ergoline (a leading specialist in tanning equipment). At The Tanning Shop we are able to take advantage of our size and buying power to work directly with manufacturers, improving the quality and safety of tanning equipment and procedures.

Our extensive knowledge of leading tanning technologies helps us answer your questions about equipment safety and ultraviolet exposure with confidence.

Specialist equipment available at The Tanning Shop

Ergoline Prestige

Ergoline Sun Angel

Ergoline Affinity

Ergoline Excellence

Alisun V600

Alisun 588

Alisun V500

Alisun V180

KBL Megasun 6800

KBL Megasun 5800

KBL Megasun 4000

Mystic Tan HD

Hapro Delta