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Accelerate your tan and keep your skin healthy…

At The Tanning Shop we don’t just believe in giving you a tan we believe in giving you a great tan! We understand that customers want great results, however, not everyone’s skin is the same and people tan at different speeds.

California Tan’s unique Step System:

California Tan’s unique Step System allows you to choose the most effective tanning accelerating lotion most suitable for your skin and desired tan.

Accelerating your tan with The Tanning Shop tanning products

Step One Products

WHO ARE THEY FOR: Anyone who does not have an existing base tan.

WHAT THEY DO: Step One products are scientifically formulated to jump start the development of a rich, golden-brown tan.

Step Two Products

WHO THEY ARE FOR: More advanced tanners who have reached their natural tanning limit, the point after the skin has tanned to it’s limit and will not get any darker.

WHAT THEY DO: Step two products are scientifically formulated to condition the skin to break through the tanning plateau for deeper darker results.

Step Three Products

WHO ARE THEY FOR: All tanners using either Step 1 or Step 2 products should use a step 3 product.

WHAT THEY DO: Step 3 products enhance tanning colour, prevent peeling and replenish moisture which helps to maintain hard earned tanning results. Step 3 products are available as a moisturiser, body wash or a soothing gel.

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