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Tanning products – How to get the best products to give you the right tan

Available only at the most exclusive tanning salons worldwide, our premium California Tan and I Range tanning and skin care products not only maximise the appearance of your tan, they also nourish and moisturise your skin while protecting it from the effects of tanning.

How dark to you want to be? Our comprehensive product line will help you get as bronze as you want, keep your skin healthy and maintain your tan longer.

Sunbed Tanning Product Categories

Intensifiers – Go from brown to browner with these amazing non-tingle, dark tanning, ultra-moisturising formulas with increased hydration for darker colour.

Bronzers – Ultimate browning capabilities in super, vitamin-rich, non-tingle, dark-tanning formulas that produce both instant and long-lasting color that can last up to 8 days. (includes cosmetic bronzers)

Tingle/Body Blush – An immediate, vibrant, blushed glow and slight reddening occurs when more oxygen reaches the skin and blood flow increases which triggers melanin production.

SPF – The best protection under the sun. Provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays with additive ingredients to hydrate the skin.

Face – Made specifically to protect your face, lips and even tattoos to reduce fading.

After Tan – Extend the life of your tan beyond your indoor tanning session with these soothing, nutrient-rich skin care products.

Sunless Tanning – Our premium Mystic Tan sunless tanning products not only maximise the appearance of your tan, they also nourish and moisturize your skin so that you stay tan longer.

Sunless tanning prep

  • 24 hours before your sunless session, prepare your skin with a skin refining body wash. Use the Mystic Tan Exfoliator skin refining body wash to refine and prepare your skin before a Mystic Tanning session.
  • To achieve a deeper more natural looking tan in half the time, try Mystic Tan’s patented Skin Conditioning Complex Mystic Tan Accelerator.
  • Instantly hydrate your skin with Mystic Tan Hydrator! This unique blend of moisturisers instantly hydrates the skin, and continuously balances moisture levels throughout the entire development process.
  • Make a note not to moisturise on the day of the session – customers will think this has to be done on the day.

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