Yes, it is only February, but this is the best time of year to start working on your tan for the fast-approaching holiday season!

Typically, people in the UK look forward to the Easter break as the starting point for spring and a holiday. As The Tanning Shop encourages responsible tanning practices, February is a great time to start building a base tan ready for when the sun begins to peek out. (Let’s be realistic, we live in the UK and “peeking out” is generally all that the sun does here)

Further to building your tan, popping in to The Tanning Shop is a great way of escaping the freezing cold and gloomy February weather!

We know that keeping the skin well moisturised is essential to building and maintaining a lovely deep, dark colour, but what if you want to speed up the tanning process? Firstly, blasting yourself with extra long sessions is not the way to encourage a tan, in fact, it increases the risk of over-exposure and skin damage, which is not what anybody wants.

As you may be aware from previous blogs, The Tanning Shop stocks a wide range of lotions specifically designed for use on UV equipment. These lotions are formulated for different purposes, for example, some contain DHA which is the ingredient used in the majority of spray tan solutions. Other lotions contain bronzers for an immediate cosmetic colour that washes off or a tingle to push the clients colour beyond their usual tanning plateau, but the lotion we are focusing on in this blog, is the tanning accelerator.

The majority of accelerating lotions stimulate the tanning process by using the ingredient Tyrosine which encourages the production of Melanin. Melanin is the pigment in the skin which darkens when exposed to UV light. Combined with a regular moisturising routine in-between sessions, an accelerating lotion increases your skins tanning potential

It is important to remember however, that session length and frequency is determined by skin type, and as such, ensuring that you maximise the tanning potential of each tanning session with an appropriate tanning lotion will help you develop that lovely base colour in approximately 2-3 sessions (although this can change due to individual biological and environmental factors). Also, research shows that in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially when Winter is in full swing,  boosting your Vitamin D levels with regulated UV exposure is beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Registration at The Tanning Shop is free and provides clients with a digital consultation to determine skin type and tanning history and in turn, enables staff to assist you in designing your personalised tanning plan.