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The Sun Angel 

A Fixed 20 minute tanning session – personalised to your own skin type

Everybody is different and tans at different rates. Some tan faster, some slower. The Sun Angel is a premium sensor controlled tanning bed, you simply scan your forehead, a part of your body that see’s the least UV (Inner arm / leg) & sit back & relax! 

Once you have scanned your skin, placed the sensor back and hit start, the bulbs will then adjust the UVA/UVB output to suit the result of your sensor scan. The Sun Angel reduces the risk of over exposure, giving you a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan! 

Tanning Tip: Hydrated skin is key! Moisturise daily. Dry skin reflects UV light – meaning you could be reducing your tanning potential if a lotion is not used. 

The Sun Angel at Tanning Shop Bath 

Book your next appointment now – if you would like to book a Sunday appointment, please call us on 01225 483 774

You can get the monthly unlimited Sun Angel package for just £90, this can be used on all packages in store! 

Pay As You Go – £19.50 

5 Sun Angels £70 (JUST £14 per session!)

Special Offer: 1 Sun Angel for £12.50 – Sunday only!