An article on BBC Breakfast this morning reports on new research from Edinburgh University in relation to the Benefits of UV exposure. A key claim of this report, is that the “benefits of UV exposure far outweigh the risks”. The full report can be seen here

It is important to remember that a “risk” is defined as an event that has the potential to occur should due care and consideration not be taken and not as something that will definitely happen. The Tanning Shop has promoted a message of responsible tanning practices for many years and this philosophy is based on research and extensive experience in the industry.

Further to this, we have provided analyses of the research that is commonly quoted against UV exposure, demonstrating that the results of these studies were not statistically significant which is a very important factor in the validity of a study in the scientific community

We have also been reporting in respect of the health benefits of UV light, many of which can be found and followed here in our “News” section

The Tanning Shop provides a registration system which determines skin type and tanning history and this in turn determines the session length and frequency permissable for a client. If you would like to register with us today, you are able to do so online

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Image: BBC Edinburgh, Fife and East Scotland 8/5/13 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-22433359