We are very excited to announce that the fantastic Botanica lotion range is now in stock at The Tanning Shop!


This stunning range from Sweden is perfect for the discerning tanner who enjoys the luxurious benefits of  a lotion that is designed using the best, natural ingredients. Botanica is “Eco-Chic for the globally glam!”


Designed for the tanner who demands high-performance with minimum synthetic ingredients. The Botanica range is 95% natural and completely paraben-free meaning that your skin is treated to a deluge of vitamins and minerals, promoting a deeper, darker tan which lasts for longer.


Prepare and care for your tan with “Aloe There” a gluten, nut, paraben and silicone free moisturiser, great for sensitive skin. Well-moisturised skin tans best and the Dew Drop™ Ultra Moisture Complex replenishes, renews and restores moisture like you have not experienced before. A great product for daily use to keep your skin and tan in tip-top condition!


The Botanical range is not just about providing optimal results, it is about skin-care too. Prone to blemishes? “Free Thyme” is a bronzing intensifier which is infused with the conditioning power of Thyme and the astringent strength of Rosehip and Witch Hazel to help keep skin clear and fresh. An alternative product is the zesty-fresh natural bronzer “Steal The Limelight”. This light yet powerful lotion contains the same combination of natural ingredients as Free Thyme, but replaces Thyme, rosehips and witch hazel with the refreshing, cleansing power of limes.


If you like a darker colour, then “Puritea” or” Grapeful” are a fantastic choice. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, “Puritea” not only helps produce collagen , reduces skin-damaging free radicals and helps to prevent wrinkles, it utilises the anti-oxidant properties of black tea to act as a powerful detoxifier whilst protecting your skin. “Grapeful” utilises the toning and tightening effects of grapes while bronzers and DHA encourage a rich, dark colour that deepens over time. Grape seed oil tones and tightens the skin while the Botanical combination of vitamins fights free-radicals to assist in protecting the skin against the development of wrinkles


For those who are experienced tanners and need a little extra help to push past their natural tan colour, Hot Green Tease is a spicy concoction that stimulates blood flow to the skin and speeds up the production of melanin. Cayenne Chili Pepper is blended with traditional tingle to produce super-hot, instant reddening and must be used with caution! This “Intense Botanical Bronzing Blend” combines Henna, botanical darkening extracts and melanin enhancers to deliver ultimate bronze results


Remember, if you are not sure which lotion is right for you, staff at The Tanning Shop are always happy to assist you in choosing a great lotion to help you reach your desired colour!


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