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BBC News – The Benefits of UV Exposure 08/05/13

An article on BBC Breakfast this morning reports on new research from Edinburgh University in relation to the Benefits of UV exposure. A key claim of this report, is that the “benefits of UV exposure far outweigh the risks”. The full report can be seen...

New Research States “No Evidence between Sunbed Use and Melanoma Risk”

New research from the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine has found no relationship between sunbed use and the risk of developing Melanoma. The team at Leeds repeated the Australian study which is commonly cited in the media as definite proof that sunbeds cause...

Sunbed Use and Melanoma Risk – No definitive association in relation to commercial sunbed use in current research

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to responsible tanning practices. Whilst research and regulation in relation to the tanning industry is welcomed and embraced, misrepresentation of research findings cannot be accepted. The International Agency for Research on Cancer...

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