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BBC News – The Benefits of UV Exposure 08/05/13

An article on BBC Breakfast this morning reports on new research from Edinburgh University in relation to the Benefits of UV exposure. A key claim of this report, is that the “benefits of UV exposure far outweigh the risks”. The full report can be seen...

Vitamin D is “Natures Prozac” – Jane Gordon

The mood improving benefits of the sun have long been reported, along with it’s importance in the production and metabolism of Vitamin D This recent article by Jane Gordon in the Daily Telegraph on 7 April 2013 describes just how important Vitamin D is in...

UV Tanning in the Spring Boosts Vitamin D!

We know that maintaining optimum levels of Vitamin D is absolutely essential for our general health and well being. In addition to this, many studies have shown that maintaining Vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of some cancers, maintain brain health in later life,...

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