We have blogged extensively about the very latest research that tells us that Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more and more common. Vitamin D is an essential ingredient that contributes to keeping vital organs and processes within the body running at their optimal levels. The most recent research shows that Vitamin D is essential in lowering blood pressure and subsequently, reduces the risk of Heart Attack

Vitamin D is produced through exposure to UV light, which is why it is nicknamed the “Sunshine Vitamin”. The sun is essential to the development and survival of the majority of life on earth, and if we take a responsible approach to exposure, beneficial to human health and wellbeing.

This week, we celebrate Vitamin D Awareness with a special offer for Tuesday 11th March and Wednesday 12th March only!

We would like to invite you to your local branch of The Tanning Shop to for a free UV Tanning Session* to start boosting your essential Vitamin D production and kick-start your base tan for the upcoming Easter Holidays!

Call your local store today or drop in for a visit, The Tanning Shop team is always happy to help!








*This offer is restricted to over-18’s  and one session of 6 minutes is allowed per person. The offer is available in selected stores only, Terms and Conditions apply.