Hannah Devlin, Science Editor for The Times newspaper states; “Exposure to the sun could lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, according to scientists who say that the dangers of UV radiation have been exaggerated”

Devlin is referring to research conducted by the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton into the disorder and specifically, a paper published in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology

In the report, Richard Weller, a dermatologist who was part of the research team at the University of Edinburgh said; “Sunlight undoubtedly causes skin cancer, but there’s not a single study showing that it shortens life. I am concerned that well-meaning dermatologists issuing warnings on sun exposure have been placing people at greater risk of death from heart attack or stroke.” In The Times report, Weller also acknowledges that taking vitamin supplements is not a viable replacement for time in the sun in respect of the health benefits linked to Vitamin D.

The full report from the Times can be seen here

The Daily Express has also published an article detailing current research in respect of the Health Benefits of UV Exposure

Nathan Rao reports;

Martin Feelisch, professor of experimental medicine and integrative biology at Southampton, said: “As blood pressure drops, so does the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

“It is a moderate drop, but we are talking about a chronic effect and a small drop in blood pressure regularly can be significant. In fact, we think the benefits of exposure to the sun far outweigh the risks from skin cancer”.

Warnings to keep out of the sun and to wear sunblock even in the winter could increase the risk of high blood pressure, he added. “Blood pressure is a continual risk factor for cardiovascular disease, so even a small reduction is significant,” he said.

“Well-meaning warnings to stay out of the sun could be putting people at increased risk”.

This latest research reiterates that moderate UV exposure has health benefits that far outweigh proposed risks. The Tanning Shop is dedicated to responsible tanning practices in a friendly and professional environment, using the most innovative and effective equipment and products.  Whether you prefer UV or sunless tanning, The Tanning Shop has a solution for you!

The University of Southampton have issued a press release in respect of their findings which details categorically that the benefits of UV exposure far outweigh the risks.

This latest research echoes The Tanning Shop message of responsible tanning practices, whereby moderate UV exposure at a session length and frequency that is appropriate for your skin type and tanning history, can encourage the production and mobilisation of Vitamin D and subsequently, the health benefits associated with it. The Tanning Shop registration process is designed in accordance with the Fitzpatrick Scale, a measurement of skin type and sensitivity to the sun that is acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

This latest research and subsequent media coverage reinforces the message that we as humans need sunlight for optimum health and the key issue with any chosen activity from diet to drinking for example is just as mother said, everything in moderation.