Have you heard of the phenomenon that is “Double Dip” tanning? Double Dip Tanning is method designed to get the best of both worlds when it comes to achieving that gorgeous sun-kissed colour!


Use the California Tan UV cocktail in your UV session to moisturise skin and prepare it for your sunless spray. Make sure not to stay in the UV sunbed so long as to result in sweating or the spray tan will not adhere to your skin.


Having a short UV session with the California Tan UV Cocktail encourages the skins pores to open, ensuring maximum absorption of the spray tan solution and a longer lasting, deeper, darker colour result.


So what makes the UV Cocktail so effective in Double Dip tanning?

  • A Silicone Free formulation that prepares skin for dark UV color development while allowing for maximum sunless solution absorption
  • ·         Avocado Oil moisturizes and softens skin in preparation for an even sunless tan
  • ·         California Tan’s patented Vitatan technology encourages and accelerates the UV tanning process
  • Eliminate odours at the source with a bright and sunny fresh fragrance

Boost your tan, boost your vitamin D, boost your colour with Double Dip tanning!