Skin type is defined by the Fitzpatric scale. The scale is definitive in that it describes accurately the biological reaction to UV light dependant on the individuals skin, eye and hair colour.


When the skin is exposed to UV light, a message is sent to the brain and, the process of melanin production begins. The production of melanin is the skins natural method of protection against UV light. Melanocytes travel to the surface of the skin and if UV exposure continues over time, the melanocytes are encouraged to stay at the surface of the skin where they oxidise and turn brown, creating a tan.


A base tan is created by having 2-3 UV sessions in a row at a length that is appropriate for your skin type, leaving no more than 3 days between each session. If you leave longer than three days between your sessions, the melanocytes will recede and the process has to start over again. When the base tan has developed, regular “maintenance” sessions will keep your colour strong (along with a regular moisturising routine!)


Therefore, the key to developing a tan is not spending hours unprotected in the sun (ok, we know there is no sun around at the moment, but it could happen…maybe…) or long sessions on the sunbed, it is ensuring your skin is properly prepared, cared for and that session length is appropriate for your skin type, tanning history and the equipment that you choose to use


We always recommend to use an SPF lotion in outdoor sunlight (although it is rare at this time of year!)when undertaking a tanning programme


The Tanning Shop is dedicated to responsible tanning practices, and this is demonstrated by our registration process. The short questionnaire is designed using the Fitzpatrick Scale, a universally recognised method of establishing skin type and tanning history.


Session length and frequency is determined by the Fitzpatrick Scale. This is a measurement which defines a skin type’s susceptibility to UV light. This scale is recognised by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as an accurate and standardised measurement.


When a client provides answers to questions in our registration process, their answers are scored and it is the total score at the end of the questionnaire which determines skin type and subsequently, enables store staff to assist clients in designing their personalised tanning programme. It is for this reason that it is essential for clients to provide accurate answers.


Remember, store staff are trained to assist you in designing your tanning plan. Why not visit your local store or e-mail our customer services team if you have any queries or need further information


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