The festival season is well underway, and after the coldest Easter on record, Britain is now experiencing temperatures the likes of which have not been seen for ten years

Unpredictable weather is the cornerstone of the British summer, especially when there is a festival to go to! Add to this the temperature extremes and getting a gorgeous tan whilst enjoying your chosen festival is likely to end up in either a drenching or over-exposure!

There are many festivals in the UK that run from May to Late August every year.  Festivals are not restricted to the big, high profile events such as Glastonbury, The V festival and Global Gathering for example. July alone sees Latitude, Larmer Tree, Longtitude and Womad to name just a few! (Enter “UK Festivals in your preferred search engine for more listings)

Of course you want to wear your best “festi-outfit” and look great, and what better addition to a festival ensemble than a beautiful tan from The Tanning Shop?

Visit your local branch of The Tanning Shop where staff are always happy to assist you not only to develop a lovely base tan, but provide information on how to protect your self in outdoor sunlight. Alternatively, register online in order to establish your skin type and tanning history before your visit in order that staff can assist you in designing your personal tanning plan.

It is very important to protect your skin in outdoor sunlight as it is very difficult to measure UV exposure from the sun until it is too late! The Tanning Shop is now stocking “Smartsun Sunlight Indicator Wristbands”, a great little accessory that measures the amount of UV exposure you experience over a 24 hour period and indicates when it is time to cover up! Used in conjunction with your preferred SPF lotion (also available at The Tanning Shop) the band is specifically designed for those with Type 1 (sensitive) or Type 2 (fair) skin, with bands for type 3 and 4 being in development.

So, get your base tan in the weeks before your festival, stock up on an appropriate spf lotion, smartsun wristbands and bottled water and away you go!