Sarah Carey is an Irish columnist and broadcaster who currently writes for “The Sunday Independent” and The Evening Herald. Carey is a former columnist for The Sunday Times and The Irish Times.

In a refreshing article published on 31/08/15, Carey decides to hire a sunbed and enjoy relaxing under UV light in order to achieve a natural, healthy looking tan. The greatest thing about this article however, is that Carey as a Journalist has done her research prior to using the sunbed in order to allay fears instilled in many of us by the media

Carey cites the research published by the IARC and how it doesn’t substantiate the risks associated with UV light, although the majority of the media would have us believe otherwise. Rightly, Carey makes the point that sun damage to the skin in childhood is the biggest risk in relation to developing skin cancer which in turn reinforces the necessity to prevent the use of UV tanning equipment by under-18’s

The Tannning Shop has long published blogs in resepct of research that demonstrates that the benefits of  exposure to UV light and the subsquent Vitamin D production. We strongly promote responsible tanning practices and train store staff to assist our clients with a personalised tanning plan (based on skin type and tanning history)



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