So you have achieved  your ideal colour , and you are going for top-up sessions that are right for your skin type, but how do you keep the colour that you adore for as long as possible?

The key is having well moisturised skin and using tan extenders!

Your skin is constantly regenerating and as the dead skin cells slough off on a daily basis, keeping  your skin well moisturised ensures a longer lasting, deeper tan. There are a huge range of Tan Extenders and moisturisers on the market, but which is the right one for you?

The Tanning Shop stocks a range of tan extenders specifically chosen for quality and effectiveness. Staff in-store are happy to assist you in choosing a lotion appropriate for your needs. Some tan extenders contain cosmetic bronzers, even small amounts of fake tan to enhance the colour you have achieved.

The Tanning Shop is now stocking Swedish Beauty, a great range of lotions and extenders infused with vitamins and 95% natural ingredients! Ask in-store for further details about this delicious range

Using a tan extender compliments using a UV lotion during your session and contributes to keeping your skin fully moisturised and luscious! This is of course not just for the girls! Mens skin is naturally thicker and as such, moisturising is even more important to maintain a tan and indeed, healthy looking skin

A tan extender not only keeps a tan for longer, but helps to develop a tan. Not just through bronzers or fake tan in the lotion, but dry skin actually reflects light, resulting in a tan that is shallow and fades quickly as the skin cells slough off. Well moisturised skin absorbs light and as such, the tan develops more quickly and lasts longer*

Don’t forget, speak to store staff and they will be happy to help you choose the extender that is right for you!






*Dependant on skin type and tanning history