Nothing is worse than stating the obvious, but as it is winter, it is a little bit parky out there and the cold weather is brutal on skin

Nourishing and moisturising skin keeps it supple and looking lovely and on top of this, more receptive to the tanning process (and yes, we mean men as well as women!)  Men’s skin is generally thicker and whilst a number of men would rather use gravel as an exfoliant than admit to moisturising, men following a good skin care regime is becoming nearly as popular as the beardy bloke movement (close but not quite!)


The skin is the biggest organ in the human body and we need to look after it. As we have stated previously, giving the skin a good pampering is a hardship that we must face as often as possible. The general rule is to bathe, exfoliate, rinse, pat dry, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! (Oh woe is me for having a lovely long bath and chilling on the sofa with a cuppa and snuggled up in big fluffy towels, the calamity!)


Life is so much busier these days and we seem to be dashing all over the place at a hundred miles an hour, so what better excuse to take some time just for you? Turn the phone off, and just relax! Even if you cannot take time out, there are a great many shower based moisturisers, foam and spray that make it even easier to give your skin a treat.


(Also, it goes without saying that a lot of us get bathtime smellies from that lovely old aunt at Crimbo, so why not make the most of them!)

The wind and rain will do everything it can to dry your skin out, so a little extra care for your packaging will assist you in keeping a lovely, healthy colour (as well as a trip to your local branch of The Tanning Shop now and then)


Winter does not just mean hard work for your skin, but as we are in the Northern Hemisphere and don’t et much light at the best of times, our Vitamin D stores begin to reduce and having a boost of UV light at a session length appropriate for your skin type and tanning history can reverse this and keep refuelling your Vitamin D levels

The party season is here for some of us already and a lot of us will have the chance to celebrate the festive season with family and friends, out on the town or at the works Christmas party. We at The Tanning Shop are great believers that every outfit looks better with a tan and whether you prefer UV or Spray tanning, we have a deal for you

Why not visit your local branch of The Tanning Shop today and speak to one of our lovely team members about boosting your Vitamin D and our fabulous Christmas deals, we are always happy to see you!

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