The sunless range that has taken the US by storm has now landed in the UK and available at selected branches of The Tanning Shop* from 17th March 2014


The products are easy to apply with a beautiful, natural colour, and a pleasant fragrance.


Kardashians are famous for not just their style, but their business sense and you can be sure that they would not put their name to a product that was any less than first class!


The Kardashian Sunless range covers the entire sunless tanning process, from exfoliation and moisturising lotion to prepare and balance the skin, ready for sunless treatment, to a choice between sunless lotion, spray or mousse. Keeping that Kardashian tan for longer is aided by the bronzing tan extender and the gradual sunless lotion.


Not only is the range complimentary, all products working together to provide a complete sunless treatment, but the preparation and aftercare products make a great addition to any beauty regime with a focus on tanning like a Kardashian!


Tanning like a Kardashian is also affordable, the sunless spray, lotion and mousse are just £19.99 and the Primer, Maximiser and Extender are just £12.99


Why not visit your local branch of The Tanning Shop today to purchase your Kardashian Sunless Tanning products!