We are delighted to announce the installation of three brand new iSun Lay-down Sunbeds at our Leamington Spa branch!


Design and technology are beautifully combined to provide a UV tanning experience that is a delight for the senses. This latest innovation in intelligent tanning technology is designed to provide a more direct tanning experience in the greatest comfort.


Stretch out and relax while IGlass encourages a more even tan and the iPower facial tanners give directed tanning. Meanwhile, iCool is in operation to refresh the tanning environment.


The 360o swing arm technology completes the all-over tanning system, and along with your personalised tanning plan, you will gradually build a deep, dark colour that lasts


Why not visit the store and degn your personalised tanning plan today? Staff are happy to assist you should you have any queries regarding the tanning process or keeping your well-earned colour for as long as possible!