We are not  “Wine”-ing about this promotion! (This type of pun is EXACTLY why I am not a comedian…..)Grapeful

The lotion of the week this week is “Grapeful” which is an ultra darkening tanning lotion from Botanica. Ultra darkening, tightening, toning and moisturising, this lotion is designed to promote an enhanced, dark, long-lasting colour

The grape scent is reminiscent of sweet red wine and the texture is velvety-soft without feeling greasy. Grapeful contains both instant cosmetic bronzer and DHA to provide a lovely dark colour that deepens as your tan develops while grape seed oil moisturiss as well as tightens the skin

Battle free radicals with a fantastic vitamin combination which in turn fends off those fine lines and wrinkles!

Available until Sunday 18th October 2015 while stocks last at participating stores. Stock is limited so call your local store today!

Grapeful Promo R

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Offer cannot be used in conjuntion with any other promotion. Available only while stocks last. Promotion ends at close of business on Sunday 18 October 2015