Indulgent, luxurious, effective. The Luminous Step 1 and 2 lotions are a real treat for your tanning session!


Luminous Step 1: Designed not just to encourage the tanning process, but packed with patented California Tan ingredients to firm and enhance the appearance of skin, fine lines and wrinkles


OmniBronze™ Indulges skin whilst enhancing and extending a lavish colour. Intense hydration is provided by Gold Of Pleasure and Hemp Seed Oil working together to prolong your beautiful colour while Caffeine and Tining Agents promote skin elasticity and encourage firmer contours.


Infuse the skin with the anti-ageing properties of White Birch Bark and Green Tea whilst improving your complexion and fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Accelerate and build your golden Glow with the power of California Tan’s patented “Vitatan” ingredient


Luminous Step 2: Infused with the accelerating, toning and anti-ageing ingredients of Step 1, Luminous Step 2 provides an extra colour boost with the combination of DHA, Cu02® and TRFTM, optimising the deepest, darkest tanning results enhanced with immediate cosmetic bronzing.


Whether you are new to tanning and need to accelerate the process, or if you are an experienced UV tanner, requiring an extra boost of colour, Luminous is a great choice. Perfect for those who like their tanning experience with a touch of luxury!