Mystic HD Spray Tanning is now available at The Tanning Shop Barnet!

This fantastic spray tanning system is now in place at The Tanning Shop, 166 High Street, Barnet. Airbrush technology is combined with the patented Magnetan system to provide an all-over natural-looking colour.

Choose from a range of shades, from light to dark, and enhance your session with a range of aromas, extra bronzer or colour extender. Staff in-store are trained to assist you in finding the spray tan to suit your requirements.

The session is guided by an automated voice unit which delivers instructions throughout. Staff are happy to provide information and guidance prior to your sessiona dn you are welcome to drop in to the store and ask any questions you may have.

Discounts are available for under-18’s and package deals and enhancers are priced in-store

Preparation and aftercare leaflets are available in-store or from our Customer Services Team