Scientists in America have developed a new machine which isolates the frequency of UV light that is responsible for the production of Vitamin D within the body.

The machine uses the answers to specific questions in order to programme the length of exposure time required for each individual and the companies focus is to roll out this machine in pharmacies, clinics and health clubs, starting in Canada.

It is a great idea that reinforces the theory that UV light is essential in relation to the production of Vitamin D. The scientists also highlight that over 100 health conditions affecting people in the Northern Hemisphere are caused by Vitamin D deficiency, which is something that we at The Tanning Shop have been raising awareness of for many years

This revolutionary machine is also using a key factor that The Tanning Shop has used as part of its tanning policy for over 20 years. That is, it asks specific questions in order to determine session length. Furthermore, the technology described is designed to work in a similar way to the Sun Angel, which takes sensor readings from specific areas of the skin in order to programme the lamps in the bed to a level suitable for the skin type identified, thus reducing the risk of over-exposure. By applying a specific calculation between the reading from the most exposed area of the skin and the least exposed area, the lamps in the Sun Angel are calibrated to suit the skin type identified.

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to promoting responsible tanning practices and as such each individual client completes a detailed questionnaire upon registration. This questionnaire is based on the Fitzpatrick scale which is a globally recognised measure of the amount of UV light a particular skin type can be exposed to. This in turn enables our trained store staff to assist clients in designing a tanning package to suit their requirements and preferences

Whilst isolating a specific frequency of UV light is a positive step in respect of the production of Vitamin D through UV exposure, by taking a responsible approach to indoor tanning along with care with exposure to outdoor UV light, the same result can be achieved.

Our friendly store staff are always happy to discuss the tanning process with clients and advise on ways to maximise tanning potential. Not only can you boost your Vitamin D levels by using indoor tanning, a tan promotes a sense of wellbeing and confidence that you look great.

You don’t need to wait until this new technology finally reaches the UK shores. We are already in the grip of a cold winter and our daylight hours are already shorter. So why not visit your local branch of The Tanning Shop today to how a responsible tanning package can help you to start boosting your Vitamin D levels today!