December is a time of mad dashes for gifts, a heaving high street, stress and drama. So what better way to get off the High Street for a while and get ready for the party season by having a nice relaxing tanning session at The Tanning Shop?


We know THAT day is still five weeks away, and yes, it is only November, but a great looking tan needs time to build and develop


The Tanning Shop promotes responsible tanning, in fact, we are dedicated to it. This involves session length that is appropriate to your skin type and tanning history. Blasting yourself with a long session does not create a great, long-lasting tan. In fact, it damages the skin, dries it out and if a colour change is achieved, it does not last due to the increased cell shedding (peeling)


The key to a fabulous, long-lasting tan, is to have shorter sessions at a length that suits your skin type on a regular basis to develop a base tan and then further short sessions at regular intervals to maintain the tan. (This keeps those lovely little melanocytes at the surface of the skin, generating that tan colour).


Keeping your skin well-moisturised and using a lotion during your session that suits your requirements is also necessary. It is better to start your Christmas tanning programme now, in order that you can build a beautiful, golden glow in time for the party season!


Spray tanning is also very popular during the party season, and sessions get booked up fast. If you are new to spray tanning, why not take advantage of our great value packages and practice before that big event! Staff in-store are happy to provide you with a preparation and aftercare leaflet to assist you in building that beautiful shade. Also, staff will assist you in finding the shade that is right for you. If you are unable to visit the store, why not e-mail our dedicated customer services team with any queries you may have.


So escape from the bustle of the High Street for a while and enjoy a tanning session at The Tanning Shop to start building that gorgeous colour that will be the envy of your friends and colleagues at the Christmas party!