The Kardashian sisters are famous for business acumen, high celebrity profile, elaborate weddings and stunning tans! The Kardashians know how to get a beautiful tan and they have applied this knowledge to developing their own range of UV Lotions and Sunless Tanning products

We are focussing on the Kardashian* sunless products this month as many of us are trying out the different self-tanning options to choose the perfect colour for the party season. (Yes, THAT day is NEXT MONTH!)

A key thing to remember when self tanning, is that it is a brilliant excuse for a pamper afternoon. Lock the doors, turn on some great tunes and have a lovely long soak in the bath.

Now, we all know that preparation is absolutely essential whether you are spray tanning, self tanning or UV tanning. So we have to endure the torture of a lovely hot bubbly bath and drift away from the freezing Autumn weather………and exfoliate!

The Kardashian exfoliator gently removes those dead skin cells using natural volcanic ash, crushed stones and walnut husks. The Exfoliating lotion is not as “gritty” as most exfoliators, but certainly gets the job done!

When it is finally time to get out of the bath, pat the skin dry and thoroughly moisturise. The Kardashian Colour Maximiser Lotion absorbs quickly and is rich in vitamins. This lotion provides a wonderful base for Kardashian sunless tanning and the fact that it smells gorgeous is a great plus point with us! (The maximiser is also available as a spray that evens the skin tone and provides an instant cosmetic colour)

So after a bath and luxurious moisturising, it’s time for a quick cuppa and onwards to create the perfect party tan!

Note: Nobody wants orange hands and feet! These areas, as well as the elbows and knees are a different type of skin that sucks up spray tan. No matter how gorgeous the colour of a self-tan is, it will look a lot darker in these areas. So how can it be avoided? Barrier cream. Any type of very thick moisturiser can be liberally applied to the elbows, knees and feet. You can even apply it to your hands before putting on gloves to provide extra protection against staining. Choosing a barrier cream is a matter of trial and error (we have even used Sudocrem in the past, but the choice is yours) Remember, the barrier cream needs to be thick and liberally applied. You can always “blend at the end”

The Kardashian range has a choice of self-tan application; lotion, mousse or spray, each with their own specific benefits;

Lotion: Provides an instant cosmetic bronze colour on application so you can see where you have covered. The natural ingredients encourage firmer, smoother looking skin and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Wear gloves (marigolds if you like..but not your best winter woolly ones as they WILL stain and the tan results will not be quite as you desire) Takes about 6 hours to develop into a lovely rich colour

Spray: Quick and easy. Fast-drying continuous spray that is blended with Erythrulose to assist in the prevention of streaking and prolong colour

Mousse: Fast drying and colour result in as little as one hour (why not leave it on longer and have an extra cup of tea!) Enriched with Aloe Vera, the skin is left feeling smooth and silky and the colour result is natural looking

Try not to allow any form of pressure on the skin (including the weight of some clothes) while the self-tan is drying (especially with the lotion) and certainly avoid any strenuous exercise that will induce sweating (sweat and rain are NOT the friends of fake tan!)

After the appropriate development time for your chosen application method has elapsed, thoroughly wash off the self-tan and you should see  a lovely colour result!

If you want to keep your self-tan for a little longer, a lush, lush, lush tan extender is available, and smells almost good enough to eat (but please don’t, it will not be the best choice of pre-party apertif) Caramel, Shea Butter, Olive and sunflower oils are blended together with light bronzers in order to keep the skin moisturised and extend the life of your Kardashian sunless tan. Alternatively, the Kardashian sunless lotion builds a natural colour whilst firming, tightening and conditioning skin. Use it to extend your self-tan or even replace your usual body lotion with this lovely product to keep a light colour year round!

Finally, it is time to whack on the fabulous party outfit, make sure hair is spot-on and off we go. We have tanned like a Kardashian and now it is time to party like one!

*You can buy Kardashian Sunless lotion at selected branches of The Tanning Shop. Ask in-store today!