Are you ready for your prom?

Did you know, that if you are under-18 and with valid id, you  can get a half-price spray tan at The Tanning Shop?

While under-16’s need to be accompanied by an adult, spray tanning is a fantastic way to boost your look in time for your prom! Appointments are available and staff are always happy to provide assistance and information ahead of your session.

It is really easy to find your local store and spray tan availability using the store and equipment locator.

Having a spray tan is a great excuse to pamper yourself and make yourself feel really special for your event. Make sure to book your appointment for 48 hours before your event to allow plenty of time for your spray tan to develop.

Preparation and after-care are really important when it comes to spray tanning;

DO Exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly 24 hours before your session and have your daily shower 12-24 hours before your session

DO Wear loose, dark clothing that will not rub on your skin. The cosmetic bronzers in a spray tan can stain light fabrics so it is a good idea to make sure you have dark towels and bedding ready at home for the evening after your session

DO Ask for a spray tan preparation and aftercare leaflet from in-store or online

DO Ask questions, staff are trained to assist you. You are welcome to familiarise yourself with the booth prior to your session

DO Apply barrier cream liberally to your hands, elbows, knees and feet. These area’s really soak up spray tan and can look darker than the rest of your body

DO Have a practice session a few weeks before your event and your actual session 24-48 hours prior to your event to allow for development

DO listen carefully to the automated voice in the booth

DO wait for the appropriate length of time before showering. When rinsing off the spray tan, use water only as a shower gel may remove the colour

DON’T Moisturise on the day of your session, this will act as a barrier to the spray tan. This also applies to; cosmetics, body spray, perfume, hair conditioner, oil-based or moisturising shower gels and deodorant. Avoid these during development time.

DON’T Wear tight-fitting clothing on the day of your session. Pressure on a spray tan while it is developing can cause flaws

DON’T Get wet or indulge in physical exercise during development time, this includes touching water

DON’T  shower before development time is up, and don’t use a flannel, sponge or loofah as this may scrub off your colour

Use a spray tan session as an excuse to pamper yourself. Thoroughly exfoliate in a nice, long bath 24-48 hours before your session and when you get out, moisturise head to toe. This will create the ideal, smooth canvas for the spray to adhere to. Allow time after your session to relax and allow your spray to develop.

Finally, when you have showered off the spray tan (you will see a lot of the cosmetic bronzer come off in the shower also) you will see the shade developing. The spray tan that has penetrated the skin will continue to develop over 12 hours and it is at this point, that you will see your end result. Don’t forget, you can always call your local store or e-mail us at customer services should you have any queries or require assistance