Bonfire night is over and winter is fast approaching. We are staying indoors more, wrapping up warm and missing the Summer sun!

It is a well known fact that people in the Northern Hemisphere suffer more illnesses associated with Vitamin D deficiency during the Winter months than their counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere. This is mainly due to the shorter days and a significant decrease in natural sunlight, the primary source for Vitamin D production and maintenance

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Why not give yourself a Vitamin D boost throughout the Autumn and Winter months at The Tanning Shop! We provide a structured and responsible approach to tanning and our registration process is designed to establish your skin type and tanning history. This enables our friendly store staff to assist you in designing a tanning package to suit your needs!

Experienced tanners can enjoy some extra heat with a choice of tingle lotions, which are specifically designed to encourage the tanning process beyond the “tanning plateau”*

An important note is that it is not the heat of a tanning lamp that encourages a tan, but the UV light emitted.

Using a tanning lotion is not only beneficial during your tanning session in replacing moisture lost. Many contain ingredients that care for and nourish the skin, especially when it has been ravaged by the wind, rain and sleet. Moisturising regularly is key in developing and maintaining a luscious, healthy-looking colour as well as contributing to the repair and protection of weather damaged skin and The Tanning Shop stocks a choice of extending lotion (moisturiser)

Although the colder months force many of us inside, you can still get your tan on and boost your Vitamin D at The Tanning Shop!





*Tanning Plateau is defined as the natural tanning darkness limit for an individual. A tingle lotion encourages blood flow to the surface of the skin in order for the tan colour to darken beyond it’s natural limit.