New research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology has set waves through the scientific community in respect of the debate on exposure to sunlight


The findings (reported in the Daily Mail on 23 September 2013) demonstrate that the benefits of exposure to sunlight outweigh the risks by far.

We as humans are organic entities and as such, we need light to survive, this can be clearly demonstrated by the effect of UV light on essential systems within the body, such as the production and metabolism of Vitamin D, bone health and mental health to name a few

Dr Claire Knight of Cancer Research UK is quoted in The Daily Mail (Daily Mail Online 23/09/13);

“We all need some sun in our lives to make vitamin D, which is crucial for healthy bones, But the key is to enjoy sun safely and avoid sunburn”


The Tanning shop supports this statement and has long been dedicated to responsible tanning practices. All clients are required to register using a specifically designed questionnaire based on the Fitzpatrick Scale which establishes skin type and tanning history This in turn enables staff to assist clients in designing a tanning package to suit their requirements


The Copenhagen study reports conclusive evidence that proven exposure to sunlight may also be responsible for decreased risk of Heart Attack, Joint fractures, even early death. The team call for more research on the subject of the beneficial effects of UV sunlight.


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