The clocks have gone forward, Bank Holiday’s are coming up and the atmosphere is becoming charged with excitement in anticipation of better Weather!

Our most popular deal will be available at participating stores from Wednesday 29th March 2017 and ends at the close of business on Friday 31st March 2017. While the sun is beginning to peek out, it has been a long winter and our stores of Vitamin D are most depleted by the end of March

Use our UV to get YOUR Vitamin D!

We know that a 100 minute package is already amazing value and saves money on each and every minute, but the extra discount on 100 minute packages is an epic money saver!! Use this fantastic deal to stock up your minutes and start building your tan for Spring, Summer and HOLIDAYS!


Tanning Tip: Don’t forget, using lotion during a tanning session is essential not only to replace moisture lost, but to promote the tanning process. We stock a wide range of lotions with many different functions, from bronzing to tan building, tingle to skin-defining. All of our lotions are chosen for their quality and there is a lotion to suit every skin type!

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*Terms and Conditions Apply. Offer available  between dates specified and at selected stores only. Excludes Lakeside and Enfield. Over-18’s only. Subject to  registration and exclusions