New Year equals News at The Tanning Shop! The countdown has begun to the reopening of our Docklands store and we can assure you that great changes have taken place!



The doors at The Tanning Shop Docklands will open at 12pm on 20/01/17 and clients can enjoy not only a fully refitted store, but also;


The innovative and intelligent Sun Angel: Sensor technology tailors the session to suit your skin type. The unique design controls the interaction between UVa and UVb light, harnessing the components that are most effective in promoting the tanning process and the production of Vitamin D.



3 KBL 6900 Laydown Beds: The most intelligent sunbed of its kind. An elegant and ergonomic design is combined with patented “Intellisun” technology and a simple user interface to provide an absolutely invigorating and rejuvenating tanning experience.



3 V600 Stand-Up beds: Just popping in? Like to tan and go? The convenience and power of these fantastic tand-up tanning booths is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle



Why not visit on Friday and enjoy the gorgeous new look, fantastic new beds and epic deals! Use our UV to get YOUR Vitamin D!



Avoid Disappointment – Book an Appointment! Call 0207 418 0008 to make your booking!


Terms and Conditions apply. UV services and access to rooms containing UV equipment available to over-18’s only. Services and offers subject to availability and subject to registration. Exclusions apply.