A groundbreaking report providing yet more scientific backing for the extensive health benefits of UV exposure has been published in the Daily Telegraph today


Oliver Gillie is an award-winning writer and scientist. His report Sunlight Robbery: Health benefits of Sunlight are Denied by current Public Health policy in the UK can be downloaded from http://www.healthresearchforum.org.uk/


In his report, Gillie quotes a number of new area’s of research that build upon previous findings that prove that exposure to UV light is essential in the production and movement of Vitamin D throughtout the body. Vitamin D is absolutely essential for a number of bodily functions, general health and wellbeing.


In the UK, we have the least amount of sunshine of all modern economies, add this to increasing indoor lifestyle and the result is a drastic rise in diseases associated with lack of Vitamin D. MS, Heart Disease, some cancers and Mental Health disorders can all be traced back to Vitamin D deficiency throughout life


Scientists have even established a strong link between the increased T cells and vitamin D deficiency in newborns whose date of birth is in the later months of the year, at a time when the mother has not been able to expose herself to sunlight


However, it is important that any Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy must be discussed with either your GP or Midwife.


With this great flood of new research comes encouragement to get some sunshine, with a lot of experts encouraging moderate exposure in the midday sun.


However, we cannot always be sure of the UV spectrum (strength) of the midday sun and as such, using a reputable tanning salon is a great alternative. UVb emitted from the tubes is measurable and by recording session length and frequency, it is very easy to monitor the amount of exposure during any one period. It is essential to use SPF lotion outdoors when undertaking a tanning programme to prevent over-exposure.


Tanning is a natural bodily function and it continues for 24 hours after the first exposure to UV light. This is why it is better to have shorter tanning session at a length and frequency suitable for your skin type and tanning history

To summarise, the main theme of the report, is that Vitamin D is absolutely essential in controlling over 900 genes in the body which controls our “vulnerability to disease”. As we evolve into a more and more technological age, with a more sedentiary, indoor life, taking control of our health and wellbeing has never been so important.

The research quoted in the report clearly demonstrates that maintaining Vitamin D is essential from birth in order to live a healthy life and to allow ourselves moderate, responsible exposure to UV light to encourage the production of Vitamin D and in turn, encourage health and wellbeing with a reduced risk of chronic disease

Like Gillie, The Tanning Shop would welcome supplementation being provided to pregnant women and growing children, and when people reach the age of 18, they can take charge of their own Vitamin D production by using a reputable salon to have an informed, responsible tanning programme.

The Tanning Shop team are always happy to assist clients in designing a tanning programme to suit their skin type, tanning history and requirements. Our refined registration system is designed to determine skin type based on the renowned Fitzpatrick scale. Biometric account access ensures that your tanning history is accurately recorded and your account kept secure.

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