Do you want to save this christmas?

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to giving you the best, longest lasting, healthiest tan at a time and price that is convenient for you. To save you time and money we offer a great selection of offers, at off peak times on some of our most popular equipment including Sun Angel and Spray Tanning.


Off Peak Spray Tans

Visit The Tanning Shop on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and enjoy our fully automated spray booths for just £12.99 a session. You can choose a shade of your choice with added extras available. The automated spray booth will talk you through every step of the way – so don’t worry! You won’t end up like Ross from Friends! Our fully trained tanning consultants are on hand for any questions you may have.

Find your nearest store here or visit our online booking for to book in for your party tan.

Not sure how to prepare for spray tan? Check out our great Spray Tan Guide.

Off Peak Sun Angel Tanning

Do you feel as though your tan is at its full potential? Think again! The Sun Angel is a bed of its own kind, giving you a deeper, longer lasting tan.

To save you time & money we now offer off peak tanning on Sundays! No appointment necessary…

Off Peak Sun Angel pricing will vary between store – but you can guarentee you will SAVE!

The Sun Angel is a 20 minute fixed tanning session – you scan your forehead and the palest part of your body, from there the bulbs adjust the UVA / UVB output to suit your very own skin

What happens next? Sit back, relax and enjoy your 20 minute holiday

Lotion of the month

Using a lotion not only helps prolong your tan but also helps maintain a youthful glow. Each month we offer a generous discount on the top pick of that month. 

Pop down to your local store and check out this months lotion of the month!

Sleigh This Christmas - The Tanning Shop
Sleigh This Christmas - The Tanning Shop
Sleigh This Christmas - The Tanning Shop
Sleigh This Christmas - The Tanning Shop