Brighton is a bustling town, boasting not only a great university, but a lovely beach and thriving tourist industry.

Known for it’s bohemian, alternative culture and electric nightlife, Brighton is a fabulous destination to visit. The Tanning Shop Brighton branch  is located at 88 Western Road in Brighton just a short walk from a beautiful promenade and shingle beach


The Brighton team are lead by Angelena and they are always happy to help you with not only your tanning sessions, but queries relating to the best type of lotion for your tanning needs or choosing the equipment that is right for you.

The store stocks a wide range of lotions from California Tan and the exceptional “Intelligent Tanning” range.   Brighton also has a wide range of services, whether you prefer the vertical Alisun V600 units for their convenience, or prefer to lay back and relax on the revolutionary Sun Angel

If you would like an instant colour, the store has the brilliant Mystic HD spray tanning booth. This unit incorporates “Magnetan” technology and with a vareity of shades to suit your skin type, a great option for a special event or to boost your existing colour.

Why not drop in and experience this vibrant, professionally-run store. The Tanning Shop staff are happy to assist you with your tanning enquiries.

Check out The Tanning Shop Brighton store page https://www.thetanningshop.co.uk/brighton