The Tanning Shop at Leamington Spa is newly refurbished with a gorgeous, modern feel. The store provides convenience with extended opening hours and clients are assured of a friendly, professional welcome.

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Gemma is the manager of Leamington spa and has worked at the store for four years. Passionate about our range of non-bronzing lotions, Gemma is happy to provide professional advice on how to maximise your tanning potential!

Becky is the assistant manager, and has been with the company for three years. Lively and friendly, Becky is a real fan of bronzers and tingle lotions and is always happy to advise our clients on the benefits of using these lotions to take their tan beyond the “tanning plateau”

Bex is the newest member of the team and as she was previously a client, has a wealth of experience in relation to using the equipment at the store and the benefits of responsible tanning practices.  Together this team are able to provide clients with advice and assistance on all aspects of tan development

The most popular unit at the store is the innovative and effective Sun Angel. The only unit of this type in the Leamington Spa area, it is an absolute favourite of regular clients. Along with this excellent bed, the store has 3 vertical units, 2 Paragon Ice lay-down units and for clients who prefer spray tanning, the brilliant Mystic Tan HD. All UV units have face and shoulder tanners and the Paragaon Ice units have extra tanning boosters.

The store stocks a great range of tanning lotions and extenders as well as the celebrities favourite, Vani-T.

Whether you want a relaxing lay-down UV session, a spray tan for a special event, even if you want to pop in for the convenience of a vertical tan, the store at Leamington Spa has everything you need.

Don’t forget, we are always happy to advise on skin preparation, moisturising and exfoliation so that you have a smooth and even canvas, perfect for a beautiful, natural looking colour to emerge.

We look forward to seeing you at The Tanning Shop Leamington Spa!