We are delighted to announce the completion of refurbishments at The Tanning Shop, Chiswick.

Not only are our loyal clients treated to beautifully modernised tanning rooms, but the introduction of brand new equipment!

The iDome is an innovative new stand-up bed which provides all over tanning, utilising brand new technology to provide 360 degree tanning with it’s 58 lamps. Not only do we have the new iDome, but fans of sunless tanning will be delighted with the new iSunless booth.

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to bringing our clients the newest and most effective tanning technology and we are sure that both old and new clients will really enjoy this new equipment in the new look Chiswick store!

So why not visit today at 229c High Road, Chiswick.  Staff are always happy to advise clients of weekly promotions and walk-in pricing