Tailored tans with The Tanning Shop

Unique Sun Angel sensor tanning technology

It’s so easy when you’re fed up with being pale and pasty to succumb to the urge to bronze but no-one wants to experience those tell tale signs of a swift touch of tan gone wrong! Luckily, the innovative Ergoline Sun Angel at Tanning Shop analyses your skin before your session so that it is programmed specifically for your skin tone for a flawless, tailored tan. A personalised and bespoke tanning, the Sun Angel registers any recent UV exposure and gives a blend of UVA and UVB rays (increased or decreased) perfect for your skin.


Since the intensity of the lamps is controlled by your skin type, the Sun Angel provides a fixed 20 minute session. The result is instant and perfect, natural and longer lasting tan in absolute comfort and luxury without the risk of over exposure. To ensure a streak free and non-patchy tan, features also include:


  • Neck and shoulder tanners so you don’t get uneven tan marks.
  • Control over the UV output to the face unlike other sunbeds
  • Air-conditioned
  • The new 3D-Sound system complete with Subwoofer gives an exceptional sound experience
  • Enables you to connect an ipod or MP3 player for use
  • The large-format Body Shape base acrylic ensures a relaxing and comfortable tanning result
  • The Sun Angel has a voice guide to lead you every step of the way during the tanning session for ultimate ease



With over 70 salons across the UK and Ireland, you can get an amazing tan every time at The Tanning Shop.  To find you nearest salon go to The Tanning Shop website go to: www.thetanningshop.co.uk