It seems like everything the Kardashians touch turns to gold and their luscious line of tanning products are sure to help build a gorgeous golden tan!

Kardashian Group


The Kardashian Glow range is an experience in tanning luxury. Don’t let the velvety smooth application fool you, this range is packed with powerful accelerants to boost your colour development. Relax and unwind as your body is enveloped in gentle, dreamy fragrances , secure in the knowledge that your lotion is getting to work!


Kardashian Glow Black Bronzer: DHA, Cosmetic Bronzers and antioxidants are blended together to help build a faster, darker tan while a powerful combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Goji berries battle free-radicals as they calm and soothe the skin. The Eco Glam Base is formulated to be free of Parabens, Hemp, Gluten, Aloe, Silicon and Sulphates to you get the the tanning results you want without the ingredients you don’t want. The opulent sweet berry fragrance is absolutely exquisite!



Kardashian_Special_Occ#1718Kardashian Glow Special Event Bronzer: Dark, rich coca is blended with DHA and antioxidants to promote the ultimate bronze glow in less time. Tone and tighten the skin with Contour + Highlight technology. The power of Vitamin C promotes collagen production while creating a brighter complexion. The Luxe SIlicon base leaves skin feeling superb, nourished and hydrated as the sweet yet sophisticated cassis allure fragrance lasts beyond the tanning session as if it were the finest perfume



 KG_Iced_BronzerKardashian Glow Iced Bronzer: Gorgeous, floral and flirty, this Sandalwood scented lotion infused with melanin provides magnificent tanning results and leaves skin feeling refreshed and fragrant. The Skin renewal complex promotes cell regeneration which in turn leaves the skin even and glowing. Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Hemp Free and Aloe Free




DoubleDip-NBKardashian Glow Double Dip Intensifier:  Perfect for use on a UV sunbd prior to spray tanning. An abundant peptide infusion encourages melanin production during UV tanning to provide a flourish of colour prior to spray tanning while the Silicone-free formula is designed to allow maximum penetration of DHA. Revel in the gorgeous scent of Cherry and Lavender while the skin is moisturised with a rich blend of Minerals, Vitamin C and Amino Acids. The Eco Glam Base means you get the the tanning results you want without the ingredients you don’t want while the fruity and flirty Pink Grapefuit fragrance leaves skin with a bright and fresh scent


Using a lotion replaces moisture lost during the tanning session. The wide range of lotions stocked at The Tanning Shop have many different properties, from tan-building to tingle, self-tanning to tan enhancing. Why not ask one of our friendly store staff for more information on our fantastic range of lotions on your next visit!