We at the Tanning Shop are hugely excited to announce the opening today of our first concession at the Meadowhall branch of Superdrug!

The fantastic iSunless booth has been installed and is ready to provide you with a gorgeous, tailored colour year round!

To celebrate the very first iSunless concession with Superdrug, we are delighted to offer a very special session price of just £10! Come down today and get your tan on for the weekend!


TTS Superdrug pair logo

A fantastic new innovation in automated spray tanning, the iSunless booth emulates the precision of therapist spray tanning with the flawless results of an automated unit

Enjoy your spray tanning session in complete privacy and comfort as the patented robotic spray arm distributes your chosen colour evenly from top to toe

With four beautiful colours to choose from, the iSunless spray tanning system is the epitome of The Tanning Shop’s vision of personalised, tailored tanning every time. Clients are able to choose from, light, medium, dark and double-dark, and our friendly store staff are always happy to assist in choosing the right colour to suit a clients tanning requirements.

An automated voice guides clients through just two standing positions, assisting through the entire process. A heated air-flow system provides continuous drying to reduce the risk of streaking or smudging

The store is located at 41 High Street, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, S9 1EW. For further details and opening times, you are able to visit the Superdrug website

New to spray tanning? The Tanning Shop customer service team are happy to provide preparation and aftercare leaflets to guide you through every step to achieving your desired result along with advice on prolonging that gorgeous colour!

So come on down to Superdrug Meadowhall today and try the fantastic iSunless for just £10!

Don’t forget to prepare your skin thoroughly, and wear loose, dark clothing!

Superdrug Meadowhall flyer 26Sep13