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Tanning products – The California Tan

California Tan: The creators of the patented “3 step system” which provides a complete tanning and skin care regime, from the sunshine state, California Tan know exactly how to get the best tan! The minds behind the super-effective Cypher and HD ranges, Infiniti, Ambrosia, Bare Science and Expose, and many more besides!

Founded in 1987, California Tan® has over 20 years of experience in the development of innovative, cutting-edge sun care products. Inspired by the carefree, sun-kissed lifestyle of the golden state, California Tan® sun care products have built a world renowned reputation and brand recognition synonymous with proven tanning technology and the positive effects of the sun.

Experience the Sexy Side of Science.

California Tan are the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor tanning products, combining advanced Color Technology™ with premium skin care. No matter how you want to achieve your golden glow, California Tan have a product for you.

California Tan® utilizes a unique 3-Step experience that can be custom-fit to deliver revolutionary skincare and colour results.

3-Step System

Step 1

Builds a rich, golden brown base tan for tanners with little or no base tan. Scientifically-formulated to deliver tanners to a deeper base tan and a new tanning plateau.

Step 2

Provides deep, dark results for tanners that have achieved a base tan. Scientifically-formulated to push beyond your tanning plateau for darker colour and a new tanning plateau.

Step 3

Extends, enhances and completes the system for all tanners. Scientifically-formulated to extend the life of your colour, enhance skin’s appearance and completely replenish skin with intense hydration.

California Tan do not just excel in the production of UV lotions, but also a great range of SPF sun protection products, sunless spray tanning equipment and sunless retail products. 2012 sees a great year ahead for California Tan with a sleek new look to the majority of ranges and stunning new products. Everything is looking golden for the company from the sunshine state!

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