The Tanning Shop is dedicated to promoting responsible tanning practices and providing clients with a professional and friendly environment. Store staff are provided with extensive training in order that they can assist clients in designing the tanning programme to suit their needs

Ever since the first branch of The Tanning Shop was opened, Adam Mooney (Executive Chairman) had a vision of providing a professional tanning destination on the High Street. Adam did not just want a store which processed clients like cattle, he wanted to provide an informative, yet friendly and professional service.

Now with 39 stores in England alone, The Tanning Shop has consistently developed and evolved with a rapidly changing society.  This requires a consistent, organic training programme for all store staff which is constantly updated as new equipment is installed, and new legislation is brought into force.

The Tanning Shop is proud of our knowledgeable, certified staff members that attend to every detail of your tan

Our staff are fully trained to the highest standards in choosing the right tanning and skin care products for you. This also includes matching exposure times to suit your individual skin type. We offer an extensive range of tanning and skin care products

Whether you choose UV tanning or sunless spray tanning, The Tanning Shop team are here to assist you

Nobody knows more about sunless tanning than The Tanning Shop, the original pioneers of salon tanning. We will teach you the particulars of tanning and provide hints and tips to keep your skin in great condition

At The Tanning Shop, certified employees will demonstrate how your skin type will react to UV light and how to tan in a responsible way in a controlled environment in order to reduce the risk of over-exposure

The core principles of encouraging responsible yet effective tanning practices are instilled from the first day of employment with The Tanning Shop. All stores have a training manual in place which is revised on a regular basis and staff are trained with the arrival of each new piece of equipment and innovative product.

The Tanning Shop is absolutely dedicated to providing a great customer experience. Not only are store staff provided with regular training and updates, Head Office and Area Managers are on hand to assist 7 days a week in order that we can provide a consistently professional and helpful service. Our dedicated Customer Services department are also on hand via e-mail to assist with general enquiries, account enquiries, information requests and feedback

We will always do our best to provide our valued clients with a great tanning experience, so why not visit your local branch of The Tanning Shop and experience The Tanning Shop Difference today!