Moisturise BWThe importance of staying hydrated is highly publicized, we as humans are 60% water after all, but what about staying moisturised? This is immensely important whether building a tan using UV euipment or preparing for a spray tan

The body’s largest organ, the skin is 64% water and as such environmental factors such as bad weather, central heating, cosmetics, diet and pollution all affect our skin whether directly or indirectly. Our skin is often taken for granted and while the majority of us moisturise our faces on a daily basis, we forget the rest of our body!

419FAtDxDrL._SY355_During the winter months, our skin is battered by bad weather and covered up to protect against the cold. The last thing anyone wants to do on a freezing cold day is to moisturise from top to toe when a fluffy bathrobe and piping hot cup of tea is a much better option!

Without a regular moisturising routine, skin becomes dry and skin cells shed more frequently. When it comes to developing a gorgeous, natural tan, dry skin is not ideal. Dry skin reflects light and as it sheds more frequently, the tan does not last.

Tanning Tips at The Tanning Shop: Banish Dryness Before and During Your Session - The Tanning ShopThe key to developing a beautiful tan, is to ensure the skin is fully exfoliated and moisturised before beginning your tanning programme. This provides a smooth and even canvas (as well as providing a fabulous excuse for a pamper session!).

The tanning potential of a session increases by using a UV specific tanning lotion to replace the moisture lost during your session.


Not only does a lotion provide the feeling of luxury during your session, but they are designed with different properties to enhance your tan and the tanning process. From bronzing to tan enhancing, tingle to soothing, our tanning consultants are happy to assist you to choose a UV lotion* to suit your requirements and preferences.


The Tanning Shop also stocks some fantastic tan extenders which are beautifully rich moisturisers designed to nourish and rehydrate the skin after tanning

The Tanning Shop registration process is quick and easy. It is designed to identify skin type and tanning history in order that your session length is appropriate.


glamour GirlA common misconception is that having one long session develops a tan. This is not the case, it can be counter-productive and harmful.

Ensuring that the skin is well moisturised means that the skin responds to exposure to UV light in a natural way. Having a session length suitable for your skin type every other day over 7-10 days (no more than once in any 24 hour period) will build a lovely base tan.

Fair skin types tan more quickly and require shorter sessions whereas darker skin types are more resistant to the tanning process and require longer sessions. The key is frequency.

Keep sending the message to the skin that UV light is there and the melanocytes will remain at the surface of the skin where they oxidise and turn brown.


Frequent, controlled and measured exposure to UV light also promotes the production and metabolism of Vitamin D which is proven to have an extensive list of health benefits on top of it’s contribution to essential body processes and functions




Why not visit one of our stores and see The Tanning Shop difference for yourself? Our friendly tanning consultants are always happy to discuss your tanning requirements and assist in designing your personal tanning plan



*Terms and Conditions Apply. UV tanning services available to over18’s only. UV Lotions do not contain SPF. When undertaking an indoor tanning programme, it is important to use an SPF lotion in outdoor sunlight.