Free tanning sessions

The brand new Megasun laydown Sunbeds are now ready to use.

Call in store today and experience the brand new sunbeds with a free tanning session*.

The Megasun 6900 Sunbed is not only designed with maximum comfort in mind, it is also equipped with p2 Pigment tubes.

These specialist tubes are designed and proven to work with conventional UV technology to stimulate the production of Vitamin D3. This exceptional sunbed doesn’t just help you look good, it helps you feel great!

Please feel free to bring your friends for an extra bonus. Every friend you introduce will result in a £5 credit on your account! 

Call the Tanning Shop Birmingham to book your 1st FREE session on 0121 643 8281.

*One per customer. Limited time only. Selected equipment only. 

If you enjoy your free tan how about £10 off a package?

Get £10 off the price of a 100 minute package


“Tone as you tan”

The technologically advanced, high-performance LEDs ensure deeper skin moisturisation. Relax as the  revolutionary design revitalizes and refreshes the skin of your face and neckline while building a deeper, darker tan.

Basic, Mediterranean or Caribbean?

“Tan to Suit Your Tastes”

Choose your favourite tan level with one click on the pioneering intelliSun system providing you with a choice of Basic, Mediterranean or Caribbean tanning setting. 

Choose the intensity of colour to suit your style!


“Tunes While You Tan” Listen to your own music using Bluetooth connectivity and surround yourself with your favourite tunes as you relax and tan!

Fully Ventilated

As part of the stores refurbishment the basement is now fully ventilated to make your tanning experience more enjoyable.