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The Tanning Shop team are working hard to prepare the re-location of our branch at Peterborough. The new store will be located at 9 Midgate, Peterborough, PE1 1TN


Opening SoonRegular clients of the store will be reassured that the store will continue to provide the Alisun V600 stand-up tanning booths and the fantastic Mystic HD spray tanning booth.

The new store will however be equipped with new and innovative equipment in order to provide our valued clients with a fantastic tanning experience!;



KBL6900Crop6 X KBL 6900: These spacious lay-down beds are designed with maximum comfort in mind.The KBL6900 is equipped with p2 Pigment tubes which are designed and proven to work with conventional UV technology to stimulate the production of Vitamin D3 which in turn is essential for good health.



Matrix L28

1 X Matrix: Experienced tanners only! The Matrix L28 has 28 high-pressure UV-A lamps which are arranged to surround the client. The L28 design is innovative in that the user does not feel enclosed whilst retaining tanning efficiency.  With adjustable ventilation, stereo headphones and a focus on comfort, the L28 is the bed of the future!



Sun Angel1 X Sun Angel: This hugely popular bed employs sensor technology to identify your skin type which in turn programmes the lamps for the duration of a fixed 20 minute session. Designed to provide an optimal tanning environment while significantly reducing the risk of over-exposure, the Ergoline Sun Angel is in a class of its own. Session length: 20 minutes


We shall be posting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter feeds so…


Terms and Conditions Apply. UV Equipment available to over-18‘s only.