The Tanning Shop has long championed the health benefits of responsible levels of UV exposure and reported on the ever-increasing catalogue of research material that supports this.

The Times has today published a report detailing research at The University of Exeter by an international team of experts into the positive effects of UV light in reducing the risk of Dementia

The Alzeheimers Soceity report that there are currently 800,000 people with Dementia in the UK and this figure is set to increase to over a million by 2021. This fact alone demonstrates the importance of research into reducing the risk of developing this life-changing condition. Dementia affects not just the patient, but  family and friends.

We can reduce the risk of developing illness in later life by following a healthy lifestyle and part of this is the most natural of all, to take in a responsible amount of UV light. All life on earth needs sunlight to survive and those of us in the Northern Hemisphere need a little extra help to get a bit of sunshine. As Gordon Wilcock, the emeritus professor of geratology at the University of Oxford, says in The Times: “One could make a case for checking vitamin D levels in older people because vitamin D is important for other health reasons as well.”

Vitamin D is produced in the body following exposure to UV light and whilst supplements can have a similar effect, previous research has shown that Vitamin D generated by supplements is not retained in the body as it would be if it had been generated by exposure to UV light.

The recent media focus on  hiding away from Sunlight has seen an increase in conditions related to Vitamin D deficiency in all ages and the leader of the study, David Llewellyn states;

“We’ve told people to stay out of the sun, use sun-screen*, cover up, and the unintended consequence is more vitamin D deficiency”

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to responsible tanning practices and our registration process uses specific questions to identify skin type and tanning history. This is in turn enables staff to assist clients in designing their personalised tanning plan.

Why not visit your local branch of The Tanning Shop and start boosting your Vitamin D levels today!

*It is important to use an appropriate SPF lotion in outdoor sunlight if you are using indoor tanning equipment to reduce the risk of over-exposure

*Please consult with your GP if you have any concerns about your health. A tanning programme is not a replacement for professional medical treatment