Leading Scientists and Doctors have spoken out about the benefits of UV light in producing Vitamin D

  • Video produced of leading experts discussing the importance of Vitamin D in maintaining human health at the “Vitamin D for Public Health” seminar hosted in San Diego
  • Demonstrates clearly the importance of Sun exposure for maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin D, essential for good health
  • Advocates the use of sunbeds in respect of Vitamin D production and controlled exposure to UV light

“Sunbeds of course can be used to make vitamin D. It has been one of the ways that we have measured the amount of vitamin D that the skin has the capacity to make,” – Dr. Reinhold ViethProfessor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto.

An important point to remember, is that in the Northern Hemisphere during the Autumn and Winter months, humans do not get the sunlight they need in order to produce and maintain the optimal levels of Vitamin D required for good health.

“”Tanners actually have robust levels of vitamin D,” – Dr. Michael Holick, Professor, School of Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition, Boston University.

Dr Heaney says of UV light; “It is good for the spirit. It raises our happiness, it decreases our blood pressure, it promotes lots of things that are healthy for us. Vitamin D just happens to be the one we are most concerned about now because vitamin D deficiency is so common in the populations of industrialized nations”

The full article can be read here

It is important that we as individuals take responsibility for our health and wellbeing and having a tanning session that is suitable for your skin type and tanning history is a great way to encourage the production of Vitamin D which is so important for us as human beings.

The research supporting exposure to UV light far outweighs that which is against it and the key message is to moderate exposure to suit your skin type.

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