An article by Melissa Kite in the “Femail” supplement of the Daily Mail today provides a first-hand account of the effects of Vitamin D deficiency on the human body, health and well-being.


Much like our previous blog regarding sunlight being perceived as “natures prozac”, Melissa Kite describes how she was consistently tired and unwell, even to the extent of cuts not healing as they should. Blood tests were taken and when Kite heard nothing, she contacted her surgery for the results. Shockingly, her GP had not addressed the seriously low Vitamin D levels of just 37! (Optimal levels in summer are between 75 and 200 nanomoles per litre of blood). Vitamin D is essential in the bodies battle against infection and as such, a low Vitamin D count means increased risk of illness and infection along with slower recovery rates


Researchers at the University of Warwick support the view that UV exposure is the only way to get the levels of Vitamin D that we need for good health;


“I would like to see education into sunlight exposure. The last thing we would suggest is that anyone get sunburnt, which is very bad. But if you look at your moisturisers and foundations they have all got sunscreen in them, which is good for anti-ageing but stops us absorbing vitamin D,’ she says.

‘People are not out in the sun at all now without sunscreen, but you could expose your arms and legs, perhaps while cycling to work, for example. People need to get some sunlight or take a supplement. And doctors need to be more aware if people’s levels are down”.


Dr Rosemary Bland, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Warwick


Humans need sunlight to survive, just like all other living things on earth. The Tanning Shop is dedicated to responsible and measurable tanning practices in order that clients have the best opportunity to boost their vitamin D levels and in turn, their health, happiness and wellbeing!

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