The Tanning Shop has long promoted the necessity of responsible, measured exposure to UV light in order to encourage the production of Vitamin D.

The Tanning Shop always recommends that SPF lotion is used in the outdoor sunshine or while abroad on holiday when undertaking an indoor tanning programme .

Indoor UV exposure has multiple benefits. It is measured, controlled and tailored to skin type and tanning history. Our registration process is designed to identify skin type based on the Fitzpatrick scale which is universally recognised as an accurate measure of skin type reaction to UV light. This in turn determines session length and equipment type


Angel Tanning CropThe new guidelines published by NICE advise that limited exposure to UV light is essential in the production of Vitmain D while warning against over-exposure in outdoor sunlight. Indoor sunbeds like the Sun Angel (left) and Megasun 6900 are designed to promote the production of vitamin D as well as promoting the natural tanning process.


NICE also recommends that individual circumstances are taken into account in respect of appropriate levels of UV exposure which reiterates the point of individual differences and requirements in respect of UV exposure and Vitamin D production


CoupleSitThe key to utilising UV light responsibly is measured exposure in an environment that is controlled. It is not possible to be aware of the exact UV spectrum of outdoor sunlight without the use of scientific equipment and as such it is difficult for the holidaymaker or beachgoer to decide on how long to tan for.

We know that the sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm, but we also have to consider where we are in the world, cloud cover, ground cover and a multitude of other factors! It is essential to use SPF lotion in outdoor sunlight, stay in the shade (or wear a hat) and cover up. This makes it essential to seek another source of UV light to promote Vitamin D production


The golden rule is that controlled exposure to UV light from a measured source that does not damage the skin is beneficial to health as well as building a tan if desired. Keeping the skin well moisturised prevents it drying out and using a UV lotion during the session prevents moisture lost while promoting the tanning process*.


Frequent, short sessions are more effective in developing a tan than long sessions that are infrequent. Further to this, once the tan is established, it can be maintained by having”top-up” sessions that suits skin type and tanning history. This in turn can maintain Vitamin D production which is required for the normal function of essential organs along with many other health benefits

25YearsThe Tanning Shop trains staff to assist clients in designing a personal tanning plan which is determined by skin type and tanning history. We have been committed to promoting responsible exposure to UV light in a professional and friendly environment for 25 years.

The Tanning Shop difference is a commitment to responsible tanning practices which means that all clients are required to complete our convenient registration process online or in-store prior to using our equipment. Individual tanning history is recorded and account access is restricted to the individual client by the use of biomentrics





*UV tanning lotions are not designed to protect against UV light. Their function is to maximise the potential of the tanning session. Terms and Conditions apply. UV services available to over-18’s only and subject to registration. estrictions apply.