The mood improving benefits of the sun have long been reported, along with it’s importance in the production and metabolism of Vitamin D

This recent article by Jane Gordon in the Daily Telegraph on 7 April 2013 describes just how important Vitamin D is in staving off the symptoms of depression, especially with spring arriving so late this year. Not only was Jane Gordon severely Vitamin D deficient as a result of avoiding sunlight, but her immune system had been suppressed as a result, causing extreme pain and discomfort along with a serious feeling of depression

Gordon asks why the Department of Health does not make people aware of the necessity of UV light in relation to good health and well-being

Human beings need sunlight in moderation in order that natural processes in the body function as they are supposed to. Care must be taken in relation to skin type and tanning history, and after two arduous winters, we need some UV light to boost our mood, health and well-being!