The Tanning Shop is the largest tanning chain in the UK and this can be attributed not just to having trained staff, great stores and innovative equipment. The Tanning Shop success is also due to our focus on customer care and providing tailored tanning solutions for our valued clients

For over 25 years, The Tanning Shop has strived to change the image of the High Street tanning shop. Knowledge, information and innovation have been central to this vision.




UV tannning lotions are essential to the tanning process for many reasons;


Store-Page-BannerPromote the tanning process through innovation and modern technology: Everybody is different and tans at different rates. Some tan faster, some slower. This is not just due to skin type, but the condition of the skin and tanning history. Modern tanning lotions contain specific ingredients that are absorbed into the skin to encourage the movement of melanocytes to the surface of the skin, maximising the tannning potential of your session. We also stock tan extenders and products to help prepare the skin, not just for sunless-tanning, but for UV tanning too.

Tanning Tip: Exfoliation is key! It is really important to thoroughly exfoliate before starting a UV taning programme or having a spray tan. Exfoliating before a UV programme means that you are tanning new skin cells, not cells that are due to be sloughed off. A patchy spray tan result is due to not exfoliating in the majority of cases!


Lotions replace moisture lost during the tanning session: During the tanning session, we perspire and this can dry the skin. Dry skin reflects light and as dry skin eclls shed more frequently, if a shallow tan is developed, it does not last. Using a UV specific tanning lotion during your session replaces moisture lost to prevent the skin drying out (let’s face it, we have all seen the results of tanning without moisturising and it is not a good look!)




Modern lotions have multiple functions: When purchasing a lotion at The Tanning Shop, you can be assured that our tanning consultants have been trained to advise you of the different properties of lotions. Tan accelerators, builders, natural bronzers, cosmetic bronzers. It all sounds complicated, but our tanning consultants will help you choose a lotion dependant on your skin type, tanning requirements and budget.




Quality, Value and Choice; Lotions stocked by The Tanning Shop are chosen to be effective and great value. We try all of these lotions ourselves to test how they will be enjoyed by our clients and just how effective they are. Do they do what it says they do? How does the lotion feel, is it easy to use and is it effective? After all, we cannot sell a product that we do not believe in!

Whether you prefer to buy a sachet or a bottle, if you are on a tight budget or wish to treat yourself to a luxury lotion, we have a product to suit you.

lotion-on-knees-400x400Sunless Self-Tanning Lotions/ Spray Tan Products: If you prefer to use sunless tanning solutions, The Tanning Shop stocks a wide range of products to help you prepare and care for your sunless spray tan, helping prolong the results. Alternatively, there is a great choice of self-tanning lotions if you prefer to tan at home


Convenience: Purchasing a lotion from The Tanning Shop is convenient and easy. Whether you buy in-store or online, we are always happy to provide you with full information about all of our products. 


The Tanning Shop does not advocate the “hard sell”. Our focus is to help our clients find a lotion that suits their tanning needs, lotion preferences and budget. Our aim is to help you maximise your tanning potential and enjoy your tanning session!


Why not drop in to your local store today and ask our trained tanning consultants about our wide range of products today!