It’s FREEZING! Yes, Winter is truly here and a cold wind is whistling around, taking it’s toll on the minimal skin we dare to expose at this time of year! However, we always try to provide a warm welcome at The Tanning Shop! Here are some tips on helping to care for your skin throughout the coldest of seasons!

There are literally tons of ways to look after your skin in the Winter season but at this time of year, it is important that we do not just care for our skin, but repair the damage caused by and protect it from those icy winds, horizontal rain and frosty mornings!

Moisturise, Moisturise, MOISTURISE! The Tanning Shop stocks a wide range of “Tan Extenders” but did you know these are great for all-over moisturising too? Well-moisturised skin is healthy skin and healthy skin tan’s best. Dry skin tends to reflect light and shed more frequently, resulting in a shallow tan that is patchy and does not last. Well-moisturised skin is stronger, more supple and sheds less frequently, meaning your tan lasts longer and your skin stands a better chance against the elements.

Ensure that you moisturise thoroughly after every bath or shower to retain valuable moisture. Moisturising your face morning and night is essential to a good skin care regime, along with moisturising your hands at regular intervals. Remember, the cold, wind and rain can damage skin, leaving it sore and in these cases, it is not recommended to use UV equipment until it has recovered fully.

Choose the right moisturiser for your skin type, condition and age. Whilst there is a huge choice of moisturising products available, it is a case of trial and error as to finding which suits you best. Moisturisers with natural ingredients are designed to provide nourishment as nature intended whilst other moisturisers serve a specific purpose using synthetic ingredients. Staff at The Tanning Shop are trained to advise on the wide range of products we have available in-store in order to assist you in deciding on the right lotion for your needs. Whether you need a lotion for use during your session or to care for it between sessions, staff in-store are always happy to assist.

Boost your Vitamin D! We know that it get’s a tad parky here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that we are more likely to suffer the effects of SAD (Seasonal Effective Disorder), Depression, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and a myriad of other health concerns that are caused by a lack of Vitamin D. The reason for this is that we have less sunlight hours than our counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere and subsequently, less UV exposure.It is for this reason that it is important to continue with a responsible tanning programme (suitable for your skin type and tanning history) throughout the Winter months.

Dennis Gross MD, a New York Dermatologist states that “Vitamin D is a key ingredient for beautiful looking skin. Skin like all organs, needs vital vitamins to function properly –  and Vitamin D is one of them”. The full article can be found here.

Sunless tanning is a great option if you want to achieve an instant colour, but remember not to moisturise on the day of your session as this will act as a barrier to the spray tan solution.

So when you come in from the cold, remember your skin-care regime (and what better excuse to jump in a hot bath or shower to warm up when you get home!) and don’t forget, we need to ensure that we keep our Vitamin D levels up, so visit us at The Tanning Shop to give them a boost!